Share academic feedback

With edLync Teachers module you can send students feedback through Alerts or as a Message. Parents can see their child's feedback directly in their IPhone App or they can login in to parents website.

Graphical Analytical Reports

As a parent you can always see at what level your child is in the class and how he is progressing. As a teacher these reports are handy when you are having parent child meetings.

Information Management

As a Teacher you can manage students and their parents information. Through in build messaging and alerts teachers can keep parents engaged to their child's day to day activities.


Increase Parent Engagement

With edLync mobile app parents will have instant access to their child's Progress Reports. Parents can send messages to teacher directly from their phone. Any critical alerts related to child's progress, attendance will be delivered to apps Alerts section. As parents don't have to dig into their emails to see teachers emails , this app will increase parent teacher engagement by providing all information instantly on their phone.


Highly Recommended

"As a training center instructor I really liked the instant alerts and feed that we can send to parents. I highly recommend using edlync for training centers and schools."

Ms Peterson

" With edLync iPhone app I can track my daughter's progress on my phone. Now I am more engaged with her day to day activities at training center"


"I can track how my son is doing in Math in each level by logging to edLync's parent portal. I can directly send my questions to teacher from the message section. Its so easy and convenient to use inbuilt messaging functionality"